Tanya & Paul

Nova Wedding Planning provided full Italian co-ordination for Tanya and Paul Chesney:

“We can only say great things about Nova Wedding Planning. From the minute we stumbled across them on the internet once we had decided to get married in Italy, we felt supported, confident and relaxed about our forthcoming wedding. Getting married in Italy is a romantic idea but in reality, can be a logistic, bureaucratic and financial minefield. Without people who speak the language fluently, know the idiosyncrasies of the country and have trustworthy contacts there, it’s easy to get ripped off and/or go
round in circles trying to arrange things.

Pippa and Christine have a lot of experience in arranging weddings in Italy, a very clear grasp of how things work there, with a bank of reliable contacts, tried and tested, a thorough knowledge of the language and the Italian Modus Operandi.

Based both in Italy and UK, the Nova team is accessible any time of day by email, Skype and phone and we were astounded by the untiring hours of hard work they put in, the attention to detail and meticulous planning skills they demonstrated before and at our wedding. They understood perfectly what we wanted for our wedding and without ever being intrusive or pushy they advised us gently with care and expertise on how best to achieve this, providing the best prices and giving us some wonderful suggestions for making our day very special and memorable.”

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