Gary & Alysa

Words cannot describe how truly grateful we are to have met you, not only did you both make our wedding a dream come true, you stuck by us through the difficult times and kept us as calm as we could be throughout. A lot of people would ask me, ‘how come you are so calm, I would be a mess having to cancel more than once!!’ And it’s absolutely a testament to you both. One of many things I will take away from the last 3 years is that patience and a plan is always around the corner. 


On the 5th August 2019 - just over 3 years ago to the date, I received such a lovely email and from the first conversation I had with yourself Christine, I knew that you two had to be in charge of our wedding, we felt nervous being married abroad but straight away you put

us at ease. That’s what is so special about you both, you always put everyone at ease (myself especially on the wedding day!!) and you are both so unique. You treated us like the first people you were organising a wedding for, with so much passion and enthusiasm and didn’t treat us like a ‘number’. Everyone at the wedding couldn’t stop talking the next day about how amazing you two were, how much enthusiasm you had on the day, it was like I had friends there, not ‘wedding planners’ and we couldn’t agree more. 


Countless emails, calls, changing of dates, face times, face to face meetings and extended chats over drinks! 3 years later, thanks solely to you both, we finally did it!!! Nearly 3 weeks in, life has of course started to go back to normal but we still feel so very much on cloud 9, after what was just the ultimate trip and wedding. Thank you for everything you have done for us, we get it’s not been a straight forward wedding but we hope we were as good to you, as you were to us. 


We went through our booklet of pictures and messages for the first time this weekend and to our surprise you're both in there with as always, a lovely message. Thank you so so much for doing this, it’s now a memory we can look at forever, show our children and reminisce about on a cold Friday eve!  

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