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Nova Wedding Planning comes to the rescue of distraught bride

A bride-to-be who lost everything when she booked her entire wedding day through a company who subsequently went bust, has had her faith restored, after Nova Wedding Planning, together with Channel 5’s ‘Cowboy Traders’ programme, came to her rescue.

Pippa Taylor of Nova Wedding Planning was appointed by the programme makers of Channel 5’s, Cowboy Traders to help recreate Lucy Strover’s dream wedding day. The distraught bride-to-be lost thousands of pounds to an unscrupulous company who went bankrupt and then failed to honour the weddings they had taken on.

Pippa Taylor explains the challenge which lay ahead: “I was so moved when I heard about the plight of the bride-to-be who that I instantly wanted to help. I don’t think Melinda Messenger realised the scale of the project that she had taken on, but I was determined to help her create the best day possible for Lucy.” In just a few weeks, Pippa, Melinda, Dominic Littlewood and the crew, pulled together a luxury wedding, sourcing the services of limousines, florists, string quartets and more, in order to give Lucy her perfect day. This all had to be done in complete secrecy from the bride so it could be revealed on her wedding day.

‘It was well worth the hard work,’ says Pippa: “Lucy and Dan’s reaction to everything was fantastic. They were so overwhelmed with the day we had created for them and there were many tears of joy from Lucy when she realised her reception was to be held at Hever Castle, which was one of a number of surprises we revealed on the day itself. I am so pleased that she loved the day we were able to create for her and that she finally got the wedding she deserved.”