Aisha & Khalid

 Aisha Babtain took our complete co-ordination package:

“In planning my wedding I was completely overwhelmed and lost. I started looking for a planner to help me gather my thoughts and bring my dream to life. I found you through an extensive search online. I immediately felt drawn to your work but it wasn't till I called you that I knew you were the best choice. You made me feel comfortable and at ease. You knew exactly what I was rambling about even though I still was unclear. You were patient through my ever changing table plans that changed even on the wedding day!!! Pippa, you know by now that I have a tendency to be a bit controlling and the fact that I didn't peak or get involved in the final days preparations is a testament to my faith in you. I cannot thank you enough for your dedication to your work. You made my wedding a dream and every detail exceeded my expectations. I hope now that it's all over that we remain friends because that's what you have become to me a true friend.”

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