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Cake wars - sorting the croquembouche from the cupcakes!

It’s an argument that bride and grooms are having up and down the UK. Should we go for a wedding cake, individual cupcakes or the increasingly popular cheesecake? In each corner of the cake ring, each of the contenders have their benefits…

Wedding cakes tend to be the traditional choice but are generally the most expensive, unless you trawl for bargains or have a baker as a BFF. Good value can still be obtained through the supermarkets, however. Here’s an example of a decorated, 3 tier, white chocolate cake from Waitrose which I thought was a bargain If you are on a really tight budget though, plain iced 3-tiers are available from Tesco and Asda for less than £50, but you would need to decorate them yourself (not an option for the crafty bereft like myself!)

Now when I say cheesecake, I don’t mean a Sarah-Lee special from Iceland, but a cake made entirely of cheese, which are fast becoming the crowd-pleaser. Check out this beauty from Marks and Spencer

While cheese may please the boys (my other half won’t go anywhere near the dessert tray) the girls meanwhile, may find still hanker after something sweet to follow their wedding breakfast. So what about cupcakes?

Over the last decade, cupcakes have seen a meteoric rise, becoming the cheaper and kookier alternative and a natural choice for the vintage style wedding. See these lovely examples from Lola’s Kitchen

However some may disagree - ‘Cupcakes have had their day’ announces my friend Vickie when I ask her which of the three she would plump for. Much like double-denim, cupcakes now seem to be on their way back out again, being pummelled by the Croquembouche or profiterole mountain as most of us understand it.

At the last wedding I helped plan, the bride and groom opted for all of the above, to the delight and delectation of the guests. They also went one better by having an ice-cream van attend with the melodic chime of the ice cream van bringing a sweet note to the end of the speeches and whoops of joy from the inner-child of the guests.

For those who can afford it, having the option of all three cakes is by far the best way to satisfy all sweet and savoury cravings, but I will personally always have a soft spot for the cupcake, whether in vogue or out, for me, it is always a petite package of loveliness!

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