Nova Wedding Planning has significant experience of setting up and running successful wedding venues and offers a unique venue management service. This service includes:

  1. Marketing of the venue in order to attract couples including but not limited to:
    1. Creating a brand and logo for the venue from which all marketing would stem.
    2. Creating a visually attractive website dedicated to the venue to encourage visits.
    3. Carrying out social media and setting up a Facebook page to encourage enquiries.
    4. Designing and organizing any paid for newspaper or magazine advertising.
    5. Attending wedding fairs and designing the marketing materials around this.
    6. Creating google adwords campaigns.
    7. Writing engaging press releases to send to local newspapers about the venue.
  2. Taking all bookings, accompanying viewings and responding to enquiries from couples.
  3. Liaising with all suppliers and ensuring they meet the requirements of the venue.
  4. Ensuring payments are made to the venue by the couples and suppliers in a timely manner.
  5. Providing advice on venue/client contracts.
  6. Organising temporary event notices and licences needed for external events.
  7. Managing the venue whilst weddings are taking place at the venue and being there throughout the event.
  8. Suggesting ways in which the venue site can be improved in order to increase the returns.

No matter whether you need an extra hand to run weddings at your existing wedding venue or if you wish to set up a venue from scratch, Nova Wedding Planning can act as a faciltator, ensuring that you have experienced and professional help to make your wedding venue a successful enterprise.