Susie Yendall brings with her more than 10 years of experience of running high profile corporate events and weddings. With a background in the retail sector, where she worked for prestigious clients such as major fashion chains, operating stores, devising planning strategies and managing teams of people and sizeable budgets, she brings with her to Nova the many transferable skills which came with the years of experience in such an important role.

Finding a love in wedding planning she relishes in helping couples achieve the vision they want for their wedding. With a friendly and personable demeanour, she is a true problem-solver and loves the challenges which frequently present themselves on wedding days. She comments:

“I believe that something should be done to the best of all abilities. For me that means having ‘to do lists for my to do lists’, ensuring that pre-planning is paramount! However, although you can plan for all eventualities, there are many things that crop up naturally on a wedding day which simply can’t be anticipated. I relish moments like these on a wedding day where you can fix ad-hoc problems and most of the time the bride and groom will never know, allowing them a stress-free and relaxing experience on their most special of days"

To contact Susie about a wedding in Kent, please email her directly on or call 07739805401 or 02084629969